You can send your cheering message to him from the link above. Go to the page and click the [メッセージを送る] button on the middle of the page.  I definitely wanted to see him skate at Worlds this month and desperately crying over my ticket but…. I know he and his knee need time to rest and heal… 

Sherstrade fantasy again

When I saw this,image

I thought of this.


They, the producers, must be doing this intentionally and know well how the fandom would react. I guess many Sherstrade fics are being produced right now. And Mystrades about having a goldfish and the DI…





"Richard II" 情報です。3D なのは最近の情報なので決定だと思います。

yuki-rk, wktn: Just to let you know: I hear through the grapevine that there may have been some developments in the Richard II project. Am trying to find out more … Have you seen any further news (in recent months, not 2012)?

Happy new year!!
Really? I’m happy if it is going well because 3D Richard II must be
exciting. I’d rather like to see Richard III played by young Rupert, though.
I found some minor information about it in early 2013 but I haven’t
heard of it recently. As you know, James Ivory is popular in Japan so I
believe it will be announced if there is any remarkable progress.
I’ll let you know when I get it.

I worked hard this year and I thought it’s a good idea to give myself a Christmas present but I can’t decide what to do.

I’ve wanted this for a while

but missed the bargain day. It is mug day today so all mugs like this are $6 off

Tomorrow is t-shirts day and I’m considering to buy this

but I want a hoodie more.

I’m not an agent for society6 but just a fan of Lestrade arts.