Maurice - Japanese DVD (2010)
The reason why I’ve decided to post this is not so much because of the beautiful cover photo, but the fact it’s no longer available from Amazon JP. A few are on sale as new from Marketplace sellers with hefty price tags starting from nearly 8,000 yen (about 45 quid!)
This could be a sign of promising Blu-ray release in the near future. I don’t get my hopes up too much judging from what exponential63 mentioned before regarding Merchant Ivory Production rights issues and all …
Anyway, a quick question to everyone who owns this DVD AND a UK/US double DVD edition. What’s the picture quality like? I’m asking you this as I’ve heard the JP edition’s got by far a better quality visual-wise(not content-wise I know… it doesn’t come with ANY deleted scenes or interviews).日本でこのDVDと、UK/US版の2枚組DVDを持っている方にご質問。画質はどちらも似たようなものでしょうか?以前、日本版の画質が本当に素晴らしいと耳にしたもので。

Hello, tranquil23! I have several versions and, as far as I know, the only HD remastered version published in all over the world is Japanese version. 
So you can say it is the best quality. But….. well, I don’t have any high-tech TV like prazma or anything and I’m shortsighted so I know I’m not the best person to answer your question, but, I couldn’t find if it really has value or not. The best quality version (to my eyes) I’ve owned is NHK BS aired version.  Yes, I think NHK really has quality. I have Sherlock DVDs but NHK broadcasted versions are better (again, to my eyes).
I have “A Room with a View” in remastered version blu-ray and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. So, well, there might be limitation in high quality DVD’s high quality.
日本語 HD ニューマスター版は、私が持っているUK版よりはマシではあります。UK版の画質は積極的に悪いと言えます。US版は悪くないような??
NHK BS 版と HD ニューマスター版が同じ映像源かどうかは知りませんが、NHK版は高画質です。「モーリス」25周年記念放送でしたが、また放送されることがあると思いますよ。リマスター版が劇場公開されたことがあったので、この世のどこかに高画質フィルムはあるのでしょう。

I Hear You Calling in the Dead of Night (2181 words) by mycitruspocket [AO3]


"On his way to Hyde Park Sherlock hopes it’s one of those nights where Lestrade is also there, sitting on his usual bench not knowing that Sherlock is watching him from the cover of the trees, never bold enough to reveal himself."

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, Greg Lestrade
Additional Tags: Angst with a Happy Ending, First Kiss, Implied past drug use, Pre-Reichenbach, True Love, Insomnia

Inspired by Bastille’s Overjoyed and this post from the lovely moonblossom. Beta by the one and only too-old-to-be-such-a-fangirl.

Yes, Sherstrade!!! (jumping up and down repeatedly) Thank you for sharing. This will be my bedtime reading tonight!

skunkedfern: I do love this movie! But I always had questions about...


I do love this movie! But I always had questions about the ending.  The book left me feeling that there was no hope at the end that Caroline and Philip would ever be together, and quite the possibility that neither of them would ever be in a romantic relationship.  The movie, on the other hand, wasn’t as clear to me, and the ending did leave me hoping that maybe eventually there would be a happy outcome.  Certainly that hug at the end told me that Philip had come a very long way already.  What is everyone else’s take on this?

Hello, skunkedfern! I hope I’m not too late to respond to you.

Yes, I totally agree with you. I think they’d never marry and the both of them would remain singles all their lives.  But regarding the movie, some think that they would marry or, maybe twenty to thirty percent of viewers of the Japanese version think they would marry in a couple of years because Miss Abbott answers to Philip with a bit more eagerness in this version.  Personally, I’m enough happy with the ending of the novel because they understood each other and would live treasuring their friendship even if they’d never met after that.

Well, I know that I don’t have any interesting opinions but I think many fans of E. M. Forster have their opinions on this matter…

Lestrade this year!

Native: what’s the story?


Had a quick listen to the podcast posted earlier by kazuragifu (thanks again!)

The whole thing is a very worthwhile listen if you’re interested in the mechanics of low-budget filmmaking (and can decipher various English regional accents!)

Of most interest to Gravesdiggers is a slightly more detailed synopsis of the story of Native and the role played by Rupert. This is delivered by Neil Atkinson, the co-writer and co-producer to Stuart Wright, from the Britflick podcast quite early on (from about 01:45)

Transcript below for those who are avoiding details.

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Whoa… Thank you for your extraordinary work! I’m not sure if I like this
kind of genre and… can’t imagine sci-fi Rupert at all but… of course looking forward to see it!